I am Saiyedul Bashar

Name: Md. Saiyedul Bashar

Profile: Software Engineer & Networking Expert

Email: smuhammad457@gmail.com

Phone: 01834663387


PHP (Laravel, Codeigniter, CakePHP) 85%
.NET Core (ASP) 75%
JAVASCRIPT (React, Vue) 80%
Cyber Security & Networking (OWASP Top 10, BNM) 90%
About me

I am a full stack Web Developer & Computer Networking Expert. Completed 20+ projects for clients worldwide. I have solid possession in PHP, PHP Frameworks, Vanilla Javascript, Javascript Library & Frameworks and .NET Core.

I completed project on important topics like ERP, HRMS, E-Commerce, SCM, Inventory Management, POS, Material Requirement Planning (MRP) etc. Thorough details in every single aspect of my work is something that i always look up to. That reflect in my work nonetheless.

I have worked in different companies as a software engineer & networking expert. Solved real-time & real-life issues with higher efficiency rate. Result is all I ever care for.


Money Worthy & Time Efficient Services that I Provide

Web Design

Thorough & Eye-cathcing design is something that I am always concerned about. When it comes to Designing, Perfect Blending of Soothing & Glancing appearnaces is the one & only factor that I invest my time in.

Web Development

When it comes to Web Development, Detailed Working Procedure, User Friendly Modules, Real-Time Features, Core Business Process, Re-engineering & Perfect Data Analysis Push me to the very best.

Cyber Security

With the ever increasing amount of threats on the cyber platform, I am maintaining my own sustainability to deal with those threat in the most effective way, shape & form possible. Core OWASP Top 10 gets it done.


Business Network Management is another part of my expertise that I have invested a lot amount of time on. Without proper networking management, system will eventually fail to its core. BNM helps a lot to deal with that.


Business Process Re-engineering is another sector which is highly important before implementing any ERP in any business. It helps optimize the efficiency of the system & minimizes the cost of implementing the system.

Digital Marketing

In the era of Revolutionary Marketing, it is almost impossible to shine without proper understanding of materials that Digital Marketing deals with. That in and of itself describes that urgency & Efficiency in its core.




Five Star Review


Some of my Previously Developed Lucrative Works


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